6-23 Update

Good morning everyone!

A few things we've been working on over the past several weeks:

1. A few enhancements to our Users importer.

2. Announcements are now scoped to den/patrol.

3. We've added some new options for how you format your newsletters. Including custom announcements being on their own row.

4. Added a new tab to Manage > Members > Merit Badge Counselors to display all MBs without a counselor.

5. TONs of small bug fixes and performance enhancements.

6. Cub Scout awards are still a work in progress. They should default to 2016 awards now.

7. Copy event feature is now available. From the Details & RSVP page, you can copy an existing event into a new event with everything except the attachment.

8. Made some enhancements to the way Detailed Reports were displaying information.

9. If you tried the LDS Beta feature and went back to the other type, there was some lingering terminology (venturing) in places. That's fixed.

10. Made some enhancements to helpdesk reports so the helpdesk can better help you.

Biggest item still on the agenda is finishing out the Cub Scout awards work.

Reminder: The helpdesk will be closed on Fridays during the summer.

Thank you and have a great day!